October Free-For-All Submission Deadline This Sunday


If you created any Red Panda inspired art please consider submitting it to the FaunaFocus Free-For-All monthly art competition where three experienced judges will critique, all submissions live on stream!

The FaunaFocus Free-For-All is open to all and is intended to foster community-based learning while celebrating successes and encouraging artists to improve from discipline and criteria.

This month’s Free-For-All winner will receive the following prizes:

  • Artwork Feature: The winning artwork will be displayed prominently on FaunaFocus.com with the artist’s display name and a link to the portfolio or profile of the artist’s choosing.
  • Artist Feature: The winner will be eligible for an artist feature on FaunaFocus.com. If interested in being featured, submit the Artist Feature form.
  • December FaunaFocusThe winner will select an animal species to be featured by FaunaFocus during December. To prevent repetition, archived species are ineligible, and the selection is subject to modification.

Submit now before it’s too late! The deadline is tomorrow Sunday October 29th, 2017 at 12:00PM CDT.

Also don’t forget to tune in for the FaunaFocus Free-For-All Judging livestream this Monday October 30th, 2017 at 9:00PM CDT where the winner will be chosen and next month’s featured animal will be revealed!

Free-For-All Rules | Submit an Entry | FaunaFocus Calendar




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