White Rhinoceros


White rhinoceroses are economically important for humans, causing increases in ecotourism and reducing the chances of wildfires.

White rhinoceroses are economically important for humans.

Increases in ecotourism related to white rhinoceroses have helped countries financially. For example, the prices of an average ticket to see white rhinoceroses in the Kruger National Park of South Africa has tripled in the last decade.

Although it is illegal to use white rhinoceroses’ horns, people obtain these horns through illegal poaching. Furthermore, the horns of white rhinoceroses are used for medications that have no scientific validity.

In addition, rhinos are known to reduce the chance of wildfire because of their grazing habits. It’s possible that they indirectly prevent damage to nearby towns.

Sources: (Dulal, 2017; Rachlow & Berger, 1997; van der Merwe & Saayman, 2003)
Image: Daniel Ramirez




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