February 2018: Green Turtle

Green Turtle

Green Turtle (Chelonia mydas)

As a new month begins, we have a new type of animal featured for February 2018’s FaunaFocus! This month will highlight the green turtle, an endangered member of the Testudines order, part of the larger Reptilia class. This marks our first FaunaFocus reptile!



Learn more about the endangered sea turtle. Watch videos, view images, and read through publications and other resources all about this marine reptile on the February 2018 FaunaFocus page, a hub for sea turtle research, media, and discovery. Learn even more about this solitary creature by checking FaunaFocus.com and @FaunaFocus on Twitter daily for bite-sized FaunaFacts.



Let inspiration strike! Create something with the green turtle in mind, whether it be a fictional story, simple poem, layered watercolor, interpretive dance, whatever medium you most resonate with! Do you see abstractions in the turtle’s shell? Does the sea turtle’s aquatic habitat inspire you? Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, everyone has the ability to create. Try something new or hone your craft. Just let the green turtle spark your imagination!



Let’s focus on the green turtle together! Find a family of wildlife-lovers on the FaunaFocus Twitch Stream Team or in the FaunaFocus Discord Server, or browse the hashtag #FaunaFocus to find more animal-themed content! Livestream your creative process or record it in a video. Tweet about your own research and findings, or discuss and identify in the Discord channels. Post your sketches, works-in-progress, and final creations on the social media of your choice. Don’t forget the hashtag!



For an extra challenge, enter the Fauna Free-For-All! Submit your best green turtle-inspired creation to be live-judged on Twitch at the end of the month. Allow your artwork to be critiqued to find your strengths and weaknesses and improve your work in the future. All artists, art-forms, and media are eligible, just don’t miss the deadline!



Randall Ruiz


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