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African Penguin

Do you think you know the African penguin? Test your knowledge of African penguin FaunaFacts with this trivia quiz!

Kirsty Dillon (Clarrydoll)

Kirsty Dillon, also known as “Clarry” or “Clarrydoll,” is a full-time British artist and broadcaster currently working and residing in Manitoba, Canada. With a love of tea, dolls, and creativity, in general, she finds inspiration from nature, wildlife, and even mental health. Especially interested in birds and insects, her portfolio is filled with feathered, flapping subjects, such as blackbirds, owls, bees, butterflies, and even bats. About four times a week, Kirsty shares her creative passions on Twitch Creative with the goal of building a friendly community and making beautiful things for her viewers to enjoy.

African Penguin

Cape fur seals, sharks, kelp gulls, sacred ibises, mongooses, genets, leopards, and even feral cats and dogs prey on African penguins and their eggs.