Free-For-All: Bearded Vulture

Draws with Kitties' first attempt at charcoal, depicts an atmospheric, achromatic illustration of a bearded vulture character skulking about a shrouded graveyard. With a lantern in hand, this creature is beautifully lit, allowing the viewer to feel as if he is peering from behind the tombstones, taking note of all the feathers and bones that adorn the peculiar individual. Mist and fog obscure the area and add to the eerie unsettling feeling.



With a peppy attitude and uplifting personality, Sofera is a traditional artist and hobbyist having fun creating art. Specializing in graphite, Copic-brand alcohol-based markers and colored pencils, otherwise known as “pencil crayons” in Sofera’s homeland of Canada, Sofera illustrates realistic animal portraits filled with vivid detail. She has also recently begun venturing into the creation of shadow box artworks.

Denise Kristin (TheGlitchyIris)

The Glitchy Iris

With a multitude of talents, Denise Kristin is a 22-year-old graphic designer, independent traditional artist, and variety streamer from Singapore. Harboring a strong interest in wildlife and nature, Denise specializes in creating symmetrical achromatic illustrations of animals filled with intricate patterns and details. Mostly utilizing pencil for her works, she creates stunning masterpieces from one of the most simple drawing tools.