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Pine martens have no known negative effects on humans and have never been known as a pest as they avoid human settlements.


The pine marten’s medium-size substantially varies geographically and males outweigh females by 12-30%.


Although the home range size of the pine marten is uncertain, it’s clear that male ranges are larger than female ranges and that they overlap those of one or more females.


In the wild, pine martens may mate in their first summer at 14 months of age, but in captivity most males don’t breed until 27 months old.


In highly seasonal habitats, the size of the pine marten’s home range changes seasonally, shrinking up to 54% during the colder seasons as martens cover less distance at night.


Pine martens are skillful treetop hunters and adept climbers with many physical adaptations, such as a long tail and powerful forelimbs, fit for their arboreal, acrobatic lifestyle.