FaunaFocus is a creative community focusing on a unique animal species each month. Participants are encouraged to create art inspired by the featured animal and share it with #FaunaFocus.

FaunaFocus was founded by artist, Noelle M. Brooks, in May 2017 with the desire to educate others about our world’s animals, inspire others to create and grow, and ultimately help wildlife thrive. In order to accomplish these goals, FaunaFocus connects people with wildlife to inspire a passion for nature.



We cannot truly protect that which we don’t understand, thus wildlife conservation cannot succeed without education. It’s only when people are made aware of an animal’s plight and become familiar with the pressures it faces that a connection is made and a passion is ignited.

FaunaFocus truly believes that wildlife education will foster curiosity, connection, and understanding of the natural world and is thus committed to providing reliable, accurate, and interesting information about wildlife. All information provided is well-researched and relies on primary sources from wildlife specialists generally devoted to a particular species of animal. All sources are properly cited and linked to allow visitors to fact-check and discover more.

In order to make learning about animals fun, FaunaFocus releases a new FaunaFact every single day! These bite-sized bits of information are interesting facts paired with a unique image of that animal.


White-Nosed Coati White-Nosed Coati - The white-nosed coati's coat color and muzzle markings are the only physical characteristics dissimilar from its relatives the South American and Western mountain coatis.
Southern Grasshopper Mouse Southern Grasshopper Mouse - The southern grasshopper mouse is usually known to be a monogamous species with both, maternal and paternal, parental investment.
Hawksbill Turtle Hawksbill Turtle - Hawksbill turtles are relatively small sea turtles averaging 65-89 cm. long and 40-75 kg., however nesting females tend to be larger and heavier.


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Various events are planned each month such as SketchAlongs, CreateAlongs, Free-For-Alls, and even charity fundraisers. These events allow more ways for members to participate.

FaunaFocus hosts a Free-For-All every month. This art competition allows participants to submit an original artwork inspired by that month’s featured animal and receive feedback from experienced judges through a live critique. The Free-For-All is open to all and is intended to foster community-based learning while celebrating successes and encouraging artists to improve from discipline and criteria. There are generally 2-3 judges each month that are either experts on a particular animal species or experienced artists, themselves. These judges join together at the end of each month to host a critique livestream on Twitch (http://twitch.tv/team/faunafocus) for about 1-2 hours, reviewing each entry that was received that month and celebrating its successes while offering feedback for improvement. Once a winner is selected, that artist will be featured on the FaunaFocus website, receive prizes, and be given the opportunity to choose an animal species to be featured for an upcoming month.



FaunaFocus has collaborated with organizations, such as the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) and the American Eagle Foundation, in order to raise over $2,500 for wildlife conservation efforts.

Sea Turtle Host Train Sea Turtle Host Train - The second FaunaFocus 24-Hour Host Train has come to an end! FaunaFocus partnered with the WWF-Australia‘s Wild-Livestream event and featured 11 different artists on Twitch over the course of 24 hours spanning the entirety of Saturday, October 20th. Each artist created artwork inspired by sea turtles, most focusing on the endangered green turtle and the critically endangered hawksbill turtle. Together, viewers and artists were able to raise $836 (including Mehvaro fundraising $185... Read More
FFA Tiger Host Train - The FaunaFocus 24-Hour Charity Host Train has come to an end! FaunaFocus partnered with the WWF-Australia‘s Wild-Livestream event and featured 11 different artists on Twitch Creative over the course of 24 hours spanning the entirety of Tuesday, September 12th. Each artist created artwork inspired by the endangered tiger species and several different media and styles were represented. Together, viewers and artists were able to surpass the original goal of $200 and raised... Read More



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