Submit an original work inspired by the current #FaunaFocus and receive feedback from experienced judges. The FaunaFocus Free-For-All is open to all and is intended to foster community-based learning while celebrating successes and encouraging artists to improve from discipline and criteria.



Entries must abide by the following rules. Any entries found in violation of any rules will be disqualified.

  1. Deadline: All entries must be completed and submitted by 3:00am Central Daylight Time on Wednesday, August 30th.
  2. Eligibility: All artists, media, and art forms are eligible for entry. Only one entry per artist will be accepted.
  3. Theme: Entries must draw inspiration from the current FaunaFocus featured species and include the animal, or elements of the animal, in the work in some fashion.
  4. Originality: Entries must be of original construction and must not copy or trace another source. Any characters represented in the work must belong to the artist as the art cannot infringe on any existing intellectual property copyrights. Photographic references and stock assets are allowed, but should be submitted with the completed creation.
  5. Tasteful Intent: Entries should not have negative intentions or contain excessive gore, violence, nudity, profanity, etc.



Entries will be judged by 1-3 judges, live on the FaunaFocus Twitch Stream Team at 9:00pm Central Daylight Time on Wednesday, August 30th. Judgement will be final. Entries will be judged based on the following criteria:

  • Vision: Is the theme clear in the work? How did the work derive from the theme? How does the work interpret the theme? What was the intent of the work? How does the artwork portray the artist’s personal perspective?
  • Originality: Is the work of original origin? How does the work build upon existing assets? What creativity is shown in the work?
  • Technique: What quality is the work? Was the work skillfully created? Was appropriate time allotted to complete the work? Does the work express talent? Is the composition interesting and well-constructed?
  • Impact: What impression does the work make? Does the work successfully portray the artist’s intent? Does the work invoke meaning or emotion in the viewer? Is the work aesthetically pleasing?



The winner will be posted on the day following the live judging and will receive the following rewards:

  • FaunaFeature: The winning artwork will be displayed prominently on with the artist’s preferred display name and a link to the portfolio or social media platform of the artist’s choosing.
  • “Leucism” Animal Art Card: The winner will receive a “Leucism” animal art card created by Noelle M. Brooks of the animal of their choice. The card will be created in ink on 3″x5″ inch mixed media paper. Shipping included.


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