FaunaFridays are special Fridays, dedicated to FaunaFocus! Join the FaunaFocus community for special livestream events on the FaunaFocus Twitch Stream Team while you learn, create, and share with each other! Share your progress on the FaunaFocus Discord Server and on social media with #FaunaFocus. Contact FaunaFocus to add your own FaunaFriday event.


2nd Friday of the Month: Apr 13 | May 11 | Jun 8 | Jul 13 | Aug 10 | Sep 14 | Oct 12 | Nov 9 | Dec 14
  • Sketch Studies, 9:00pm-3:00am CT
    Start off the month with some studying! Learn all about the featured animal, while practicing anatomy and filling up your sketchbook.


4th Friday of the Month: Apr 27 | May 25 | Jun 22 | Jul 27 | Aug 24 | Sep 28 | Oct 26 | Nov 23 | Dec 28
  • CreateAlong, 9:00pm-3:00am CT
    Let’s make some art! Create a complete artwork from start to finish with direct help from an experienced artist. Work through the process step-by-step at a comfortable pace while you share your progress directly with the instructor and receive personal feedback, help, and critique.
January February March April May June
Charcoal Water-Soluble Wax Pastel Ink
July August September October November December
Watercolor & Ink Colored Pencil Watercolor ? Colored Pencil Adobe Illustrator


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