Get Involved

Join a creative community focusing on a unique animal each month. Create art inspired by the featured animal and share it with #FaunaFocus.

FaunaFocus was founded by wildlife artist, Noelle M. Brooks, in 2017 with the desire to educate others about our world’s animals, inspire others to create and grow, and ultimately conserve wildlife.

Take on the #FaunaFocus Challenge

  • Step 1: Learn

    Get to know this month’s FaunaFocus! Check out for research, videos, and reference photos of the featured animal species. Subscribe to or follow on Twitter for daily FaunaFacts.

  • Step 2: Create

    Create art inspired by the FaunaFocus. All artforms are encouraged; all skill levels are welcome!

  • Step 3: Share

    Share your progress and artwork in the Discord server or on social media with #FaunaFocus. If you’re looking for an extra challenge, enter your artwork in the Free-For-All to receive feedback from experienced judges!