Moderating FaunaFocus


• On-Probation: If a rule is broken, remove the offending post, warn the user by citing the rule from #information , and apply the @🛑 1 role to the member. If the role is already applied, add the @🛑 2 role. If that role is already added, ban the user.
• Pins: Pin messages that feature the FaunaFocus animal.
• Roles: Assign appropriate roles to members.
• Updates: Post updates about FaunaFocus content in #updates .


• Images: Post Creative Commons photos here with the source link.
• Facts: Quote facts here with a link to the source, preferably from scholarly articles. Preferred format:
-Excerpt: Fact summarized in 140 characters
-Fact: All relevant information that pertains to the fact, such as details and explanations
-Source: Source written in APA format, with link


• Collections/Retweets: Add FaunaFocus content to be retweeted to the Collection. Retweet at no more than 2 per hour, then remove the post from the Collection.
• Likes: Like relevant FaunaFocus content.
• Lists: Add members of the Stream Team to the list.
• Moments: Add FaunaFacts to the appropriate “FaunaFacts” moment. Add artwork tagged with #faunafocus to the appropriate “FaunaFocus” moment. Crop and center images to fill the screen.
• Tweets: Tweet about relevant FaunaFocus content.


• Categories: Apply categories to posts: Free-For-All Updates
• FaunaFacts: Post FaunaFacts here, not on the website.
• Tags: Apply tags to posts: Animal Animals Art Discord Free-For-All Poll Twitch Updates Wildlife
• Updates: Post updates about FaunaFocus content. Posts > Add New


• Playlist: Add videos to the playlist.