Twitch is an interactive livestreaming service for content spanning gaming, entertainment, sports, music, and more.

FaunaFocus has a Twitch team, a Twitch channel, and livestreams on NoelleMBrooks’ channel.


Teams are a way to unite and connect streamers together. A stream team on Twitch will look like this. Members of the team are displayed in the left hand memberlist, with currently live channels at the top of the list. Members who are live will also be featured in the team’s video player, and the team’s description will be shown below the player.

Everyone is welcome to join the FaunaFocus Twitch team, even those who don’t broadcast. The only requirement is FaunaFocus participation, such as creating FaunaFocus art or participating in the Free-for-All.

Only NoelleMBrooks has access to change the team’s settings, such as the display name, public description, logo, banner, and background image.


Editors are able to access a channel’s dashboard and help streamers manage their channel by performing actions.

FaunaFocus moderators must become an editor in order to perform the following actions:

  • Edit stream info
  • Run commercial breaks
  • Edit video info
  • Upload videos
  • Start Reruns
  • Download past broadcasts
  • Review, search, sort, and delete clips
  • Set channel clipping permissions

To become a Twitch Editor, contact FaunaFocus with your Twitch username.


Setting up your channel page is one of the most important aspects of being a broadcaster. Your channel page will be where your viewers and other users can find information about you and your broadcast.

Only NoelleMBrooks has access to change the channel’s settings, such as the profile picture, profile accent color, profile banner, and video player banner.

At the beginning of each month, update the Stream Title using the Edit Stream Info Quick Action button from the Stream Manager in the following format:

MONTH YEAR: FAUNAJanuary 2020: Red Fox


The Highlighter allows you to curate your Past Broadcasts to draw attention to your best content in order to grow your channel and engage existing fans when you’re not live.

FaunaFocus creates highlights of past broadcasts of Free-For-All livestreams on NoelleMBrooks’ Twitch profile.

After a Free-For-All livestream has concluded, create a highlight with the following information. Include the entirety of the Free-For-All livestream, aside from the Starting section at the beginning of the livestream before the host introduces the event.

Title“FaunaFocus Free-For-All: MONTH YEARFAUNAFaunaFocus Free-For-All: January 2020 – Red Fox
DescriptionFauna portfolio excerptThe red fox is the largest species in the Vulpes genus and can naturally occur in three color variants: red, cross, and silver. As a terrestrial, nocturnal, solitary omnivore, this species is extremely adaptable and can live in several habitats including urban areas. The red fox is highly prized for its fur.
ThumbnailHorizontal graphic on the Assets page