Aardwolves scent-mark their territories, a behavior sometimes called “pasting”.

When scent-marking, aardwolves first straddle a grass stalk, then rapidly squat while wiping a smear of secretion, approximately 6 millimeters in length, onto the grass. They excrete a yellowish-orange secretion from the anal gland that turns black with oxidation upon exposure to the atmosphere.

Both sexes scent-mark, although males mark more frequently than females, pasting on average more than two times per 100 meters.

Scent-marking is a behavior shared with other hyaenids.

Sources: (Apps, Richardson, & Pretorius, 1989; Koehler & Richardson, 1990; Kruuk & Sands, 1972; Nel & Bothma, 1983; Richardson, 1985; Richardson, 1987a)
Image: Valerie



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