Red Panda

The average gestation period of a red panda is 134 days, implying delayed implantation.

The mean of 17 reported red panda gestations in captivity was 134.2 days (SD = 14.7 days; range, 112 to 158 days.) There was one reported gestation of 90 days provided by Dr. Vevers of the Zoological Society of London, however, the derivation of this measurement was not stated; therefore, it likely was erroneous. Litter size does not affect gestation length.

The exceptional length and range of gestations suggests that delayed implantation may occur although this has not been demonstrated.

Image | © Mathias Appel, Public Domain, (CC0 1.0)
Sources | (Erken & Jacobi, 1972; Pocock, 1941; Roberts, 1981; Roberts & Gittleman, 1984; Roberts & Kessler, 1979)

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