White Rhino

The white rhino is far less dangerous than the black rhinoceros, but females will aggressively protect their calves.

The white rhino is far less excitable and dangerous to man than the black rhino (Diceros bicornis).

White rhinoceroses are generally non-aggressive animals, however, females with young calves are more aggressive than males and other females because they are protective towards their calves.

Although typically not aggressive, there have been a few cases in the Kruger National Park, South Africa, where white rhinos have rammed cars and scared the occupants. These aggressive behaviors of rhinoceroses are most likely caused by anthropogenic sounds that startle the rhinos.

Although the white rhinoceros can injure some people, there haven’t been any mortality associated with it.

Image | © Fyre Mael, Some Rights Reserved (CC BY 2.0)
Sources | (Dulal, 2017; Durrheim & Leggat, 1999; Estes, 1991; Groves, 1972; Rachlow, Berkeley, & Berger, 1998)

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