Green Turtle

Immediately after juvenile green turtles hatch, they flee to the ocean until they mature and return to their natal beach for mating.

Immediately after green turtles eggs hatch, the juvenile sea turtles begin their journey towards the ocean.

From there, the hatchlings will begin the juvenile portion of their lives which can last 27-80 years before reaching full maturity. Juveniles are known to spend several years drifting in the open ocean as they grow and mature. Once the juveniles have matured, they will return to their natal beach for mating.

Sources: (Hersh, 2016; Hirth, 1971, 1997; Laguex, 1999; Märzhäuser, 2018; North Florida Ecological Services Office, 2017; Seminoff, 2004; Stokes, et al., 2015)
Image: Philip Morton


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