Green Turtle

Rival green turtles will attack actively mating pairs in order to dislodge the male from the female and take his place.

During the breeding season, actively mating green turtle pairs are often approached by several “escort” rival males that will latch on to the pair during copulation, for hours on end, in attempts to dislodge the mating male.

These escort males may even attempt to remove the male connected to the female directly by biting at his soft fins with their harsh, sharp beaks.

If the copulating male feels threatened by the escorts, he might remove himself from the female briefly to drive off the other males.

Sources: (Ernst & Barbour, 1989; Hersh, 2016; Hirth, 1971, 1997; Laguex, 1999; North Florida Ecological Services Office, 2017; Seminoff, Resendiz, & Nichols, 2002)
Image: Ricardo Braham


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