Green Turtle

Although many countries have laws protecting green turtles, they are poached for their eggs, meat, and shells in areas around the world, such as South East Asia.

Although many countries have established laws protecting sea turtles, green sea turtles are still poached for their eggs and meat in certain areas around the world, such as South East Asia. The shells are also displayed as decoration or used to make jewelry.

Perhaps the most detrimental human threats to green turtles are the intentional harvests of eggs and adults from nesting beaches and juveniles and adults from foraging grounds. Unfortunately, harvest remains legal in several countries despite substantial subpopulation declines.

Sources: (Fleming, 2001; Hersh, 2016; Humphrey & Salm, 1995; North Florida Ecological Services Office, 2017; Marcovaldi & Marcovaldi, 1999; Seminoff, 2004; Spotila, 2004)
Image: César Guadarrama Cantú


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