Every pack member of a dhole pack is reproductively suppressed and instead helps care for the young of the dominant breeding pair.

Dholes have clear hierarchy in their packs with each group containing a dominant monogamous breeding alpha pair. Subordinate pack members are reproductively suppressed and instead help care for the young of the dominant pair.

After the dominant female dhole has given birth, a few other adults take part in feeding the mother, as well as the pups. The pups, as early as the tender age of three weeks, and the mother are fed regurgitated meat.

Sources: (Carmignani; Chacon, 2000; Durbin, Venkataraman, Hedges, & Duckworth, 2004; Johnsingh, 1982; Kamler, et al., 2015; Venkataraman, 1995)
Image: Tambako the Jaguar


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