African Penguin

The African penguin is the only penguin species found on the African continent.

Spheniscus demersus, commonly known as African, black-footed, or jackass penguin, is the only penguin species found on the African continent.

This species is endemic to southern African where it breeds in 28 localities in Namibia and South Africa. They also inhabit the Benguela and western Agulhas ecosystems and form colonies near a chain of islands between Hollamsbird Island, Namibia, and Bird Island in Algoa Bay, South Africa.

At sea, their distribution is mainly restricted to the greater Benguela Current region.

African penguins have been recorded as far north as Gabon and Mozambique.

Image | © fiverlocker/A>, Some Rights Reserved (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Sources | (Crawford, et al., 2001; 2013; Frost, Siegried, & Cooper; 1976; Kemper, 2015; Kemper, Underhill, Crawford, & Kirkman, 2007; Pearce, 2011; Williams, 1995)

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