Beluga Whale

As a result of climate, beluga whales vary in size between different populations, with 50% of their weight being fat, more than other whales, whose body is only 20% fat.

Beluga whale size can vary greatly between different populations of belugas. Climate is probably a factor in determining the body size of belugas in different populations.

Beluga whales are typically 4 meters (13 feet,) in length and weigh an average of 1,500 kilograms, or 3,500 pounds. Females attain their adult size at around 7 years of age and average 3.4-4 meters (11-13 feet,) in length and 500-1,000 kilograms (1,100-2,000 pounds,) while males continue to grow, achieving their larger mass at about 14 years of age. Males average 3.7-4.6 meters long (12-15 feet,) and 725-1,500 kilograms (1,600-3,300 pounds,) in weight.

Fifty percent of the beluga’s weight is fat, a marked increase relative to other non-arctic whales, whose body is only twenty percent fat.

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Image: Tom Coates


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