Beluga Whale

Beluga Whale

Beluga whales mate from February-April and swim in harmony during courtship with the female swimming underneath the male, belly to belly.

Beluga whales tend to mate from late February to early April.

The males chase down the females, making all sorts of noises. Once a male finds a suitable female, he throws down his tail and bends violently, then throws his head up and down as his melon vibrates to ward off any other males who might attempt to mate with the female.

The male and female, then, swim in harmony and caress each other, until the female swims underneath the male’s belly. The female, then, puts her belly up against his and they continue to swim in harmony with each other. They mate only with absolute consent.

Sources: (Paine, 1995; Williams, 2002)
Image: Roland Tanglao


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