Although the okapi falls under the Giraffidae family and is related to the giraffe, some researchers debate it’s a closer relative to the nilgai antelope in the Bovidae family.

Although the okapi is currently classified in the Giraffidae family and its closest living relative is the giraffe, there is scientific debate on where the okapi should be classified.

Some researchers dissent, pointing out that important differences in reproductive organs, fetuses, bile acid salts, and skeletal anatomy make the okapi more likely to not belong in the giraffe family at all, but to be a closer relative of the nilgai antelope in the bovid, (cattle,) family.

Sources: (Benirschke & Hagey, 2006; Colbert, 1938; San Diego Zoo Global, 2017; Spinage, 1968)
Image: Amy the Nurse


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