Spectacled Bear

Spectacled bears are mainly herbivorous folivores and frugivores, but are technically omnivores with 5% of their diet composed of meat.

Like other bears, spectacled bears are omnivorous and will feed upon invertebrates, small mammals, rodents, birds, and insects. They will also readily scavenge from a carcass and feed upon carrion.

Only 5% of the Andean bear’s diet is composed of meat, however, as they are mainly herbivorous folivores and frugivores that feed upon leaves and fruit.

Image | © Tambako The Jaguar, Some Rights Reserved, (CC BY-ND 2.0)
Sources | (Fenner, 2012; Fernando del Moral; Hunter, 2011; LaFee, 2009; Macdonald, 2001; Naranjo & Hernández; Nowak, 1999; Servheen, Herrero, & Peyton, 1999)

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