Spectacled Bear

The spectacled bear is believed to be mostly diurnal and does not hibernate, but there is disagreement over its activity pattern.

There is some disagreement over the activity pattern of the spectacled bear. Some argue that they are strictly diurnal and crepuscular, whereas others have stated that they are nocturnal as well.

In Andean cloud forests, spectacled bears may be active both during the day and night, but in Peruvian desert, they are reported to bed down under vegetative cover during the day.

There is no evidence to suggest that this species spends any portion of the year hibernating.

Image | © Tambako The Jaguar, Some Rights Reserved, (CC BY-ND 2.0)
Sources | (Castellanos, 2011; Fenner, 2012; Fernando del Moral; Naranjo & Hernández; Nowak, 1999; Servheen, Herrero, & Peyton, 1999; Wikimedia Foundation, 2018)

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