Ring-Tailed Lemur

There is no physical sexual dimorphism in the ring-tailed lemur as male and females average the same size of 42.5cm and 2.2kg.

Male and female ring-tailed lemurs average the same size in the wild.

Ring-tailed lemurs have a body length ranging from 39 to 46 centimeters from head to rump and averaging 42.5 centimeters, or 1.39 feet. They have a tail ranging in length from 56 to 63 centimeters and an average body weight of 2.2 kilograms, ranging between 2,207 and 2,213 grams (4.85-4.89 pounds) on average.

In captivity, ring-tailed lemurs weigh slightly more than their wild counterparts with males weighing, on average, 2,705 grams, or 5.96 pounds and females averaging 2,678 grams, or 5.90 pounds.

Sources: (Baumhofer, 2017; Cawthon Lang, 2005; Gould, Sussman, & Sauther, 2003; Kappeler, 1991; Mittermeier, Konstant, Nicoll, & Langrand, 1992; Mittermeier, et al., 2010; Sauther, 2012; Sussman, 2000; Wilson & Hanlon, 2010)
Image: Mathias Appel


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