Ring-Tailed Lemur


Due to habitat loss and limited resources, ring-tailed lemurs typically live to 16 years, though the oldest lived to 33 years in captivity, and females live longer than males.

Ring-tailed lemurs typically live to be 16 years old and females typically live longer than males.

The oldest known ring-tailed lemur was a female that lived to 33 years old in captivity. The oldest known wild ring-tailed lemur was a female that lived to between 18 and 20 years old.

Because of the complex social hierarchy of the ring-tailed lemur, female lifespan is more well-known than males. Males have been recorded living to at least 15 years of age in the wild and 27 years in captivity.

Limits to lifespan in the wild include habitat loss and limited resources.

Sources: (Baumhofer, 2017; Cawthon Lang, 2005; Gould, Sussman, & Sauther, 2003; Jolly, 2003; Sauther, 2012)
Image: Mathias Appel


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