Rusty-Spotted Cat

Rusty-spotted cats mate year-round, but 50% of their young are born between July and October.

Rusty-spotted cats mate year-round.

Data indicates that 50% of young are born between July and October, which is not enough to consider rusty spotted cats seasonal breeders.

Captive individuals are recorded to begin mating activity at anywhere from 1 to 72 days after introduction with an average of 7.8 days. In 49% of first introductions, mating occurred within 4 days. There is no evidence that the time between introduction of the male and mating has anything to do with the age of the female, time elapsed from the weaning, physical characteristics of the male, or the season.

Sources: (Dmoch, 1997; Miles, 2013; Sunquist and Sunquist, 2002)
Image: Alma Leaper, Lead Photographer – The Big Cat Sanctuary


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