Rusty-Spotted Cat

Female rusty-spotted cats prefer to give birth in low-level areas such as within hollow trees or under rock cliffs.

In Sri Lanka, female rusty-spotted cats were observed to give birth in hollow trees or under rock cliffs. Females with kittens have also been found denning in a tea plantation in Sri Lanka and in the attics of houses in southern India surrounded by paddy fields and coconut plantations. In West Maharashtra, rusty spotted cat cubs were found in sugarcane fields during harvest.

Females in the Frankfurt Zoo repeatedly chose birthing spots that were on the ground. Birthing boxes were offered in both low- and higher-level areas, but the lower boxes were used.

Image | © Alma Leaper, Lead Photographer – The Big Cat Sanctuary, All Rights Reserved
Sources | (Cat Specialist Group; Dmoch, 1997; Miles, 2013; Sunquist and Sunquist, 2002)

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