Rusty-Spotted Cat

Rusty-Spotted Cat

Rusty-spotted cats mainly inhabit dry deciduous forests and prefer dense vegetation and rocky areas, but also reside in semi-arid and tropical climates, such as mixed, moist, tropical thorn, and scrub forests.

Rusty-spotted cats mainly inhabit deserts, savannas, grassland, shrubland, forest, and artificial terrestrial habitats.

They reside in dry deciduous forest areas, but some of their habitat is in semi-arid and tropical climates. It has also been observed in mixed forests of eucalyptus and natural forest, moist forests, tropical thorn forests, scrub forests, grasslands, and rocky areas. In Sri Lanka, it is found in humid forests and arid coastal belts. The cat also seems to be cave dwelling in some parts of its range.

The rusty-spotted cat seems to prefer dense vegetation and rocky areas.

It is likely absent from evergreen forests and has not been reported from the tropical montane rainforest in India. There are few records from montane and lowland rainforest in Sri Lanka.

Image | © Alma Leaper, Lead Photographer – The Big Cat Sanctuary, All Rights Reserved
Sources | (Anwar, Kumar, & Vattakavan, 2010; Athreya, 2010; Cat Specialist Group; Gavali, Lakhmapurkar, & Vyas, 2008; Kumara & Singh, 2007; Miles, 2013; Patel, 2010; Pillay, 2008; Sunquist & Sunquist, 2002; Vyas, Lakhmapurkar, & Gavali, 2007)

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