Pine Marten

Pine Marten

In highly seasonal habitats, the size of the pine marten’s home range changes seasonally, shrinking up to 54% during the colder seasons as martens cover less distance at night.

In the majority of the pine marten’s range, where the habitat is highly seasonal, range size changes seasonally. The autumn/winter ranges can be 8-54% smaller than the spring/summer ranges.

This range difference is also reflected in the distances covered by males at night, with further travel in the summer than the winter.

Image | © Joanne Goldby, Some Rights Reserved, (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Sources | (Schröepfer, Wiegand, & Hogrefe, 1997; Schwanz, 2000; Zalewski, Jedrzejewski, & Jedrzejewska, 1995)

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