Weedy Seadragon

Weedy Seadragon

The weedy seadragon was selected as the Australian State of Victoria’s marine faunal emblem in 2002.

The weedy seadragon is the marine emblem of the Australian State of Victoria.

Victoria established a program to select a marine icon species for Victoria. This was an exciting opportunity to engage Victorians in learning about local marine life and to provide an opportunity to participate in the selection of an appropriate emblem for the rich and diverse marine environment. The weedy seadragon was selected as Victoria’s official marine faunal emblem by public nomination and was proclaimed by the Governor in Council on October 31, 2002.

Image | © Anne Petersen, Some Rights Reserved (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
Sources | (MESA, 2015; The State of Victoria, 2011; The Wikimedia Foundation, 2019)

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