Barn Swallow

Barn Swallow

The barn swallow is migratory as it is susceptible to climate change and bad weather and will migrate to sub-Saharan Africa, southern Europe, South America, and South Asia in the winter months.

The barn swallow is susceptible to changes in climate with bad weather in the wintering areas as well as the breeding grounds affecting breeding success. As such, the barn swallow is migratory.

European birds winter in sub-Saharan Africa, although some individuals winter in southern and western Europe each year. Birds breeding in North America winter in South America whilst birds breeding in East Asia winter in South Asia.

While migrating, barn swallows tend to fly over open areas, often near water or along mountain ridges.

Image | © Capri23auto, Some Rights Reserved, Pixabay
Sources | (BirdLife International, 2016; McWilliams, 2000; Roth, 2002; Snow & Perrins, 1998; Terres, 1991; Tucker & Heath, 1994; Turner & Christie, 2017)


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