Barn Swallow

There are no conservation measures for the barn swallow, but maintaining habitat, reducing pesticides, preserving wetland areas, long-term monitoring, research, and encouraging nesting can help preserve the species.

There are currently no known conservation measures for the barn swallow within Europe.

Large areas of suitable habitat need to be maintained for this species, through the continuation and promotion of low-intensity, traditional farming. In particular, this requires extensive livestock rearing, a reduction in pesticide use and the preservation of wetland areas and waterbodies. Long-term monitoring and further research into the impacts of climatic variation is also needed.

Nesting can be encouraged by providing wooden ledges or artificial nest cups made of cement and sawdust or papier maché.

Image | © Heye Jensen, Some Rights Reserved, Unsplash
Sources | (BirdLife International, 2016; Tucker & Heath, 1994; Turner & Christie, 2017)


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