Curl-Crested Araçari

Male curl-crested araçaris modify the nest site in tree cavities and coax the female to it for her approval.

During the breeding season, curl-crested araçari pairs will separate from the flock for nesting.

The curl-crested araçari is known to nest in abandoned tree hollows and cavities, finding hollowed crevices or snags to modify for egg-laying and incubation and even utilizing old woodpecker holes. Some hollows are the result of a branch break and ensuing rotting of the heart wood from rain over a period of time.

Captive curl-crested araçaris may breed in nest boxes with a concave bottom; however, they generally prefer natural nests constructed from palm tree logs, which allows them to dig their nest chambers deeper.

Males tend to modify the nest site and coax the female to it for her approval.

Image | © Vassil, Public Domain
Sources | (Dallas World Aquarium, 2019; deGraauw, 2001; Johnson, 2011)


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