Tiger Shark

There is regional variability in the size and age that tiger sharks sexually mature and males mature earlier than females, at 25-30.5 m. compared to females at 27.4-34.5. in length.

There is regional variability in tiger shark sizes and ages at sexual maturity. On average, tiger sharks reach sexual maturity at 4-13 years of age.

Male tiger sharks reach maturity earlier than females, maturing when they reach an average total length of 25 to 30.5 meters, whereas females reach sexual maturity when they reach 27.4 to 34.5 meters in length.

Image | ©️ Albert Kok, Some Rights Reserved (CC BY-SA 3.0)
Sources | (Afonso, Hazin, Barreto, Santana, & Lessa, 2012; Branstetter, Musick, & Colvocoresses, 1987; Compagno, 2002; Draper, 2011; Ebert, Fowler, & Compagno, 2013; Ferreira & Simpfendorfer, 2019; Holmes, et al., 2015; Meyer, et al., 2014; Natanson, Casey, Kohler, & Colket, 1999; Pratt, Jr., 1988; Randall, 1992; Simpfendorfer 1992; Smith, Au, & Show, 1998 Whitney & Crow, 2007)

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