Tiger Shark

Tiger sharks share a commensal relationship with remoras, small suckerfish that attach to the sharks for transportation and protection while feeding on materials dropped by the predators.

Tiger sharks serve as a host for remoras, which are small suckerfish. Tiger sharks and remoras share a commensal relationship as the remoras attach to the tiger sharks near the underbelly and use the sharks for transportation and protection. Remoras also feed on materials dropped by tiger sharks.

Recently, copepods, specifically sea louse (Caligus oculicola), have also been discovered around the eyes of tiger sharks in Australia.

Image | ©️ Mark Rosenstein, Some Rights Reserved (CC BY-NC-SA)
Sources | (Dill, Heithaus, & Walters, 2003; Draper, 2011; Heithaus, Dill, Marshall, & Buhleier, 2002; Heithaus, Hamilton, Wirsing, & Dill, 2006; Wirsing, et al., 2007)

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