Crested Porcupine

Because the meat of the crested porcupine is considered a delicacy and a favored food item for humans, it is illegally hunted, often with dogs, in most parts of its range.

Despite being strictly protected under international and domestic legislation in Europe, the crested porcupine is still illegally hunted and poached for meat, often with dogs. It is collected for human consumption in most parts of its range, both in Europe and Africa, including Italy, North African and West Africa.

Because the crested porcupine is a favored food item for humans and its meat is considered a delicacy, there should be some investigation into harvest levels in the North Africa and West Africa areas, however at present, this is not thought to be a major threat to the survival of the species.

Image | ©️ Polyoutis, Some Rights Reserved (CC BY-SA 4.0)
Sources | (Amori & De Smet, 2016; McPhee, 2003; Nowak, 1999; The Wikimedia Foundation 2020b)

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