Sea Otter

Sea otters utilize vertical undulates of the body to swim and can swim up to 9 kph or 6 mph underwater.

Sea otters utilize vertical undulations of the body to swim, tucking in the forelimbs and using the hind limbs and tail to control their motion.

Otters can swim as fast as 9 kilometers per hour, or 6 miles per hour, underwater.

Image | ©️ Andrew Reding, Some Rights Reserved(CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)
Sources | (Allegra & Gunderson 2012; Cohn, 1998; Estes, 1980; Estes, Underwood, & Karmann, 1986; Fisher, 1939; Limbaugh, 1961; Nowak, 1999; Paine, 1993)


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