Bald Eagle

Bald eagles perform flight displays with their mates, plummeting towards the ground with their feet clasped and letting go just before impact.

Bald eagles perform extremely demonstrative displays when they come together for the breeding season. They perform flight displays with their mates, swooping at each other. During their cart-wheel display, the birds clasp their feet in the air and spin as they plummet towards the ground, letting go before impact.

During the breeding season, bald eagles become territorial, vocalizing or chasing conspecifics.

Image | ©️ Jerry McFarland, Some Rights Reserved, (CC BY-NC 2.0)
Sources | (Alderfer, 2006; Andrews and Mosher, 1982; Buehler, 2020; Burnie & Wilson, 2001; Crossley, 2011; Curnutt & Robertson, 1994; Dickinson, 2017; Gill, 2006; Jenkins & Jackman, 2006; Keister, Anthony, & Holbo, 1985; Millsap, et al., 2004; Saalfeld & Conway, 2010; Sibley, 2003; Siciliano Martina, 2013; Watts & Duerr, 2010)


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