Silverstone’s Poison Frog

The Silverstone’s poison frog’s hind limbs are moderately long and the toe discs tend to be slightly wider than the finger discs.

The Silverstone’s poison frog’s hind limbs are moderately long, with the heel of the appressed limb reaching the eye or beyond. The tibia/snout-vent length is 0.45-0.50.

The relative lengths of the appressed toes is 4>3>5>2>1, each terminating in a slightly expanded disc. The toe discs tend to be slightly wider than the finger discs.

The appressed first toe reaches the subarticular tubercle of the second. There are small inner and outer rounded metatarsal tubercles, and often a smaller or equivalent-sized median metatarsal tubercle in between. Some individuals have the suggestion of additional, smaller tubercles distad from the metatarsal tubercles. There are one to three subarticular tubercles (one each on toes 1 and 2, two each on toes 3 and 5, three on toe 4). The distal half (or more) of the tarsus with a keel-like ridge extending to the inner metatarsal tubercle. The slightly elevated, oblique proximal end of the keel is interpreted as a tarsal tubercle. The foot tubercles, particularly the subarticular tubercles, are protuberant in lateral profile.

On the thigh, the deep m. semitendinosus is independent of the superficial m. sartorius, and the distal tendon of the semitendinosus pierces that of the mm. gracilis is complex prior to insertion. This peculiar condition of the distal thigh tendons has been documented in a few species of dendrobatids and other frogs, and it was found no exceptions in a sample of 41 species of Dendrobatidae.

Image | ©️ Tiffany Kosch, All Rights Reserved
Sources | (Dunlap, 1960; Lakeland, Torres, & Rosenthal, 2010; Myers & Daly, 1979; Noble, 1922; The Wikimedia Foundation, 2020)


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