Silverstone’s Poison Frog

Silverstone’s poison frog tadpoles are grayish-brown with insignificant, keratinized, V-shaped beaks and delicately toothed mouths.

Silverstone’s poison frog tadpoles are grayish or blackish-brown, with a few smatterings of darker spotting. The beak of the tadpole is keratinized, but does not appear of considerable size. The mouth has delicately toothed edges, and the lower beak has a broad V-shape. They have a single row of pointed papillae.

As they age, late tadpoles acquire dull yellow pigmentation on their forelimbs, snout, and upper eyelids. The dark brown of the larvae darkens to black as they become froglets and the yellow changes to light orange, and sometimes into red thereafter. The orange area expands over the head and torso. This pattern is developed within a month or so, and expansion of the orange-reddish areas occurs after twelve months.

Image | ©️ Evan Twomey, All Rights Reserved
Sources | (Lakeland, Torres, & Rosenthal, 2010; Myers & Daly, 1979; Myers & Daly, 1979)


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