Gulbaru Leaf-Tailed Gecko

The Gulbaru leaf-tailed gecko is grey with irregular dark blotches, a pair of large, pale and dark splotches on the hips, and eight cream bands on the tail.

The Gulbaru leaf-tailed gecko’s dorsal base color is grey with irregular dark blotches on the head, body, and limbs. There are blotches on the body that tend to roughly align transversely or align along the dorsal mid-line.

The digits are strongly banded. The inner anterior digit has only slightly reduced pigment.

The body and limbs are ventrally off-white to immaculate cream with slight peppering on the chin and blotching ventrally on the upper forelimb. There are blotches aligned transversely on the limbs. The pectoral and postcloacal regions also have darker pigmentation. The labials are off-white and mottled with brown.

The original tail is dorsally grey, marked with irregular dark blotches showing some alignment along the mid-line. There are eight cream bands on the tail, but the second and fourth are poorly defined. Only the four bands on the attenuated portion extend to the ventral surface. The distal knob is white, ventrally cream, and peppered with brown specks. The regenerated tail lacks the cream bands, is dorsally grey, and mottled with irregular dark blotches. The ventral surface is similar, but with reduced pigmentation. There is a pair of large, dark and white blotches immediately anterior to the tail base.

Image | ©️ Anders Zimny, All Rights Reserved
Sources | (Hoskin, 2018; Wilson & Swan 2013)


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