Southern Grasshopper Mouse

Young southern grasshopper mice immediately begin nursing from their mother, open their eyes at 2 weeks, and are weaned at 3 weeks.

Young southern grasshopper mice are born naked with pink translucent skin and weigh approximately 2.6 grams, or 0.09 ounces. One day later, the pigment develops on the dorsal surface and by day 10, hairs of 3 millimeters or 0.12 inches long are present on the back.

The young mice immediately begin nursing from their mother and open their eyes on day 15, at two weeks of age. They are weaned at three weeks of age and begin consuming solid food by day 19. Weaning in the laboratory may occur in 20 days.

Image | © Sarah, All Rights Reserved
Sources | (Brylski, n.d.; Horner & Taylor, 1968; Kester, 1999; McCarty, 1975; The Wikimedia Foundation, 2020)

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