Female koalas are seasonally polyestrous and usually breed once a year giving birth to 1-2 young in mid-summer after a gestation of 25-35 days.

Female koalas are seasonally polyestrous, with an estrous cycle of about 27-30 days.

Females can produce young at annual intervals and usually breed once every year. Births per adult female per year average 0.3-0.8.

The gestation period is 25-35 days with births occurring in mid-summer of December and January, ranging from October to May. Litters generally consist of only one young, but twins have been reported.

Image | ©️ Mathias Appel, Public Domain, (CC0 1.0)
Sources | (Dubuc & Eckroad, 1999; McLean, 2003; Nowak, 1999; Woinarski & Burbidge, 2020)


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