European Mink

Western European mink populations have very low genetic variability while the eastern populations have the greatest variability.

The western European mink populations of Spain and France have very low genetic variability. The southern population has slightly higher genetic variability, whilst the eastern populations have the greatest variability.

Concerning the almost complete lack of genetic diversity observed in French and Spanish populations, speculations strongly indicate that very few individuals established the present-day western European populations, possibly following a human introduction. Misunderstandings have resulted in misconceptions of an alien origin of European mink in Spain and in France. However, the very low level of genetic diversity in western populations provides no scientific grounds to conclude that the European mink was introduced by humans to Spain and France, and no other line of evidence suggests this.

Image | ©️ Mike Finn, Some Rights Reserved, (CC BY 2.0)
Sources | (Carbonell, 2015; Clavero, 2013, Davidson, et al., 2000; Diez-Leon, Miranda, Arino,& Galicia, 2014; Lodé 1999; Maran, et al., 2016; Michaux, Libois, Davidson, Chevret, & Rosoux, 2004; Michaux, et al., 2005)

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