European Mink

Young European mink open their eyes after 1 month and begin tracking and capturing prey at 2 months before dispersing at 2.5-4 months.

At birth, male European mink are approximately 7.39 centimeters in total length and 8.4 grams and females are 7.19 centimeters and 7.6 grams. The kits average about 6.5 grams or 0.23 ounces and grow rapidly, tripling their weight 10 days after birth.

Young European mink are born blind, but are able to open their eyes after 30-31 days and the external auditory meatus open within 23 to 27 days. By approximately four weeks of age, they have keen vision. Teeth appear in the young within 15-17 days and are replaced by adult teeth by 60-72 days. The lactation period lasts 2-2.5 months, though the kits are weaned at about 10 weeks and begin eating solid food after 20–25 days. They accompany the mother on hunting expeditions and begin tracking and capturing prey at the age of 56–70 days, and become independent and disperse at the age 70–84 days.

Image | ©️ Paco Gómez, Some Rights Reserved, (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Sources | (Heptner & Sludskii, 2002; Nowak, 1999, Shalu, 2001; The Wikimedia Foundation, 2020; Youngman, 1990)

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