Annamite Striped Rabbit

The Annamite striped rabbit is named for its native region in the Annamite Mountains and its striped appearance, as it is one of only two species of rabbits to have stripes.

The Annamite striped rabbit is named for its striped appearance and native region in the Annamite Mountain range. Along with the Sumatran striped rabbit (Nesolagus netscheri), the Annamite striped rabbit is the only species of rabbit to have stripes.

Annamite striped rabbits have gray hair with seven dorsal stripes on the head and body that are black or dark brown in color. Striped rabbits have reddish-brown rumps and a white underside.

Annamite striped rabbits are distributed along the border of Vietnam and Laos in the central and northern parts of the Annamite Mountains, including the Northern and Central Annamites and possibly the Southern Annamites. They are found from the Pu Mat Nature Reserve to Phong Nha-Ke Bang National Park.

ImageNoelle M. Brooks, All Rights Reserved
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