Annamite Striped Rabbit

The Annamite striped rabbit was first observed in 1995 by biologist Rob Timmins in Bak Lak, Laos, and was described in 1999.

The Annamite striped rabbit only recently became known to Western scientists.

Striped rabbits were first observed, captured and being offered for sale in a food market in the rural town of Bak Lak in Laos in 1995 by biologist, Rob Timmins. Not long after this, the rabbit was confirmed to exist in Vietnam.

The species was described by Alison K. Surridge in 1999 and named after Timmins’ find.

Image | © Adli Wahid, Some Rights Reserved, Unsplash
Sources | (Averianov, Abramov, & Tikhonov, 2000; Can, Abramov, Tikhonov, & Averianov, 2001; Hoedl, 2012; Surridge, Timmins, Hewitt, & Bell, 1999; Tilker, 2013c; The Wikimedia Foundation, 2021a)

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