Ocellated Turkey

Ocellated Turkey

Ocellated hens lay an average of 12 eggs, with an average of 6 poults hatching per hen.

Ocellated hens lay 8-15 eggs in a shallow scrape on the ground, with an average of 12 eggs, nearly the same size and coloration of those of North American wild turkeys. Breeding begins by the end of February or early March, with nesting taking place from April. The incubation period is 28 days.

Based on information obtained during the radiotelemetry study in the Tikal National Park, most adult hens attempt to nest. Approximately 60% of the hens were able to hatch a clutch and produced an average of 6 poults per hen. At least half of all nests were destroyed by predators.

Image | © Panegyrics of Granovetter, Some Rights Reserved (CC BY-SA 2.0)
Sources | (BirdLife International, 2016; del Hoyo, Collar, Christie, Elliott, & Fishpool, 2014; Taylor, Quigley, & Gonzalez, 2002; Weyer, 1983)

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